Petronella Phillips Devaney
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Organisations are made up of people, and my work with companies and public sector/non-profit organisations is focused on helping businesses get the best from the people they employ. Good strategic planning and decision making are certainly facilitated by providing the right level of training and skills development, but another important factor is making people feel valued. At a time when businesses are constantly under pressure to re-invent themselves in response to the complex economic environment, managers need to be able to identify the organisational dynamics that can help or hinder them in achieving their goals. My prime focus as a consultant is to to help managers develop an awareness of the strengths and challenges facing their teams, and the issues that affect performance and the ability to achieve good results.

As an experienced psychotherapist I work with individuals and groups, both private and corporate clients, and for a number of years I have been involved in both setting up and delivering psychotherapy and counselling programmes in organisational settings, including UK prisons.

In working with businesses, I find my two professional strands complementary, each informing and enriching the other, enabling me to bring the experience and skills gained as a therapist, and as a management specialist, to the work of helping business teams successfully maximise motivation, engagement and commitment, both personally and professionally.

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